in People's Republic of China

New years eve in Shanghai 2011

On 2 February, it was lunar new year’s eve. So I called Suna and asked her to come to the unitedstyles office and asked her to bring one of our bottles of champagne with her. When she did, we sat with colleagues and popped the bottle, wishing each other a great new year! Later, we realized that we didn’t have any food and most restaurants are closed during New Year’s Eve. So, we all jumped into a cab and drove to the foreigner street on the Hong Mei road.

Arriving at the foreigner street, we noticed that most of the restaurants were closed as well. This, and we decided to eat Indian food because this restaurant was open. Soon, firework was going of in the street and the restaurant was closing. So, we went to a Cuban bar in our street and enjoyed Cuba Libre’s and watch some fireworks go off. A good bye to the year of the Tiger and a welcome to the year of the rabbit.