in People's Republic of China

Want some mayonnaise with that King Cobra?

I have seen some interesting food in Asia over the years. Most interesting dishes were definitely in China. I don’t want to bother you with the cliche stories that hit the blogosphere daily, because eating culture is indeed different here, nothing new, I know.

Instead I want to tell you about how the live-stock, ready-to-be-turned-into-food is displayed in the restaurant. While walking home, a friend showed this restaurant at the French Concession in Shanghai. The place was looking more like a pet-store then a restaurant.

What about picking a nice goose, some birds or rabbits to go round with your friends? Or what about the enormous King Cobra to still your hunger? That’s right, for 30 euro’s one can enjoy this feisty creature, other wise known as the world’s longest venomous snake… to the bone. Want some mayonnaise to go with that?

Now to make this clear. Eating various types of meat can be dis-, or approved with, that is personal. The dishes displayed in this post are not rare to find in China; I haven’t eaten things like this before, but I believe it is cultural. Reason to post this is that I thought the method is a bit interesting. It is a bit ‘live’ to display reptiles, domesticated animals, birds, fish or whatever – ready to be picked – next to the dining table isn’t it?