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Shall we watch a movie this weekend? Yes sure, but which one? is a movie recommendation engine from Korea. I’ve just subscribed and had to vote on 50 movies that I liked. Now it’s already throwing some good recommendations to me.¬†Building the profile is quite addictive, browsing around the old movies you watched in the past.

There are similar websites like this, but this Korean one seems really good. I’m really curious how this profiling works; is it capturing my movie taste though meta data of the various movies I clicked, or just throwing similar genre’s of previously selected movies? Better vote for a few more movies to be sure…

I like the GUI, link with IMDB top movies, festivals, filmhouse, and little trailers that can give you a snapshot. And better yet, you can recommend movies to your friends too!  The Android app is here, the iPhone app is hopefully in the making.

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