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Weekend trip to Beijing

Accompanied by my wife and two dear friends, we visited Beijing in the weekend. It started on Friday afternoon; after a train-trip from Shanghai we arrived at our hotel in late afternoon. We picked a hotel at the Hao Hai lake for easy commute and to enjoy the restaurant street at the lake. We started with a great vietnamese dinner, including a burning coconut beef dish which was really great. We enjoyed a beer but went back to the hotel early to catch some sleep for the following day. Saturday morning early, we headed out to Badali, the most famous part of the Chinese wall. I was happy we were early, the lower area’s were busy. We walked the wall for about three hours and it was certainly great to enjoy the sceneries and learn more about the history.

In the evening we went to the DaDong Beijing duck restaurant. The restaurant has become a chain with many locations. You order a roasted duck which the chef will cut at your table. You add flavor with sugar and special duck sauce. Excellent dish! We had local friends joining for the dinner and went to the club area afterwards.

Regardless of the late night clubbing, Suna and I decide to set the alarm 1.5 hours earlier then agreed with our friends to make a walk around the lake. So on Sunday morning, we enjoyed the sceneries of Chinese men fishing and ofcourse tai chi. I miss a lake like this in Shanghai!

Later that day, we headed out to the forbidden city. Took a picture at exactly the same place as 13 years ago. Only this time, with my wife!

After the forbidden city walk, we walked around and enjoyed a last lunch in Beijing before boarding the train back to Shanghai.