in People's Republic of China

Weekly groceries at a Chinese market place

imageWe visit a local market weekly, based efficiently underneath a highway. You can buy everything here, from kitchen equipment to fish. We usually buy our vegetables (biological!) and eggs here. This week I decided to take some pictures. You can find these markets everywhere across China. This particular market is developing fast. In half a year, the market closed down some under performing market stands, invested in lights to display the food better, a roof and floor, and now also facilitates a bakery.






Suna mentioned what a week of groceries costs:

  • Full bag of Rice: 20RMB (2.04 EUR) (I could not measure in kg, since I don’t have weight scale at home)
  • Bag of Mushrooms: 8 RMB (0.81 EUR)
  • 2 Sweet potato: 3.7RMB (0.38 EUR)
  • 12 Eggs: 12.5RMB (1.27 EUR)
  • Carrot, tomatoes, paprika, onion, pumpkin: 15 RMB (1.53 EUR)
  • Total: 59.2 (6.03 EUR)