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Executive producer at Dr. Panda, part of TAL Education Group (NYSE: TAL), a children’sbrand for education and entertainment, mainly producing kids games, educationsoftware and TV Animations for a global audience.

Interests: Korea, China, GNU/Linux, Software development, E-commerce, Price comparision sites, Building games.

Joop (1983, Dutch) is the executive producer at Dr. Panda, a Chinese kids game company with 36 iOS and Android apps and 100 million downloads.

I have 9+ years experience in IT Project Management, of which three as mobile game producer. For the last four years I have combined my role with general management and executive producer, overseeing the game studio.

Strong points:
⁃ Web/mobile (UX/Front-end/backend) applications and games production with agile / scrum approach.
⁃ Strong technical understanding.
⁃ Professional in leading multi cultural and creative teams to successful products.
⁃ Experience in startup company needs from recruitment to incentives.


Joop’s career took him to work and live in The Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, South Korea and China.

Before Dr. Panda, I worked at Spilgames Asia, as business developer for the Chinese and Japanese casual game company. Later I co-founded a ‘design your own’ fashion start-up called ‘United Styles’. Story about the end of this startup here.

Joop worked at Sanoma – a Finnish media company – as IT development manager and scrum master for various brands, with a small game studio managed creation of Duckworld, a 3D version of Donald Duck’s world. Before this I worked on web portals and e-commerce sites such as startpagina.nl, kieskeurig.nl, in the role of architect of server and software development.

I met my wife Suna whilst studying in Sweden in 2007. Together we did an exchange at KDI university in Korea. We have two kids and currently live in Chengdu, China.

In my free time, I like to spend time with my family, study Korean and learn about GNU/Linux. I blog about the Technology, Asia and media on my own site, with articles published on thenextweb.com and readwriteweb.

For full profile, check http://www.joop.in


1. Subscription model back-end and scale up.
2. Research into privacy matters, including GDPR.

1. My Doumi AR – a petting game for older kids.
2. My Doumi wechat – A HTML5 game for the popular Chinese chat app with friend invites.
3. Led the design for new subscription and account system.
4. Scaling of our iAP and CMS back-end.
5. Evaluation of our 53 FTE team.

2017 highlights:
1. Dr. Panda AR Christmas tree, small AR (Augmented Reality) project (2 months) to try out this new technology.
2. Drpanda.com website redesign (React).
3. iAP system for Dr.Panda (JAVA, Unity, Varnish) A eight month project of strategic importance, Dr. Panda is historically an premium (paid apps) game developer. With this system we could introduce the freemium (free download, paid items) strategy. As PM I led this project to completion from design to working implementation, and maintaining (monitoring) and scaling afterwards. Currently it handles all our iAP requests for our 5M MAU.

1. Dr. Panda Cafe (Unity, iOS/Android/Kindle)
2. Drupal website to unify and streamline the many magazine websites at Sanoma, from kekmama to libelle to fashionista and tina.nl.
3. Duckworld (Unity, Desktop)
4. New donaldduck.nl website.

2015: Ducktypen website redesign. Start development of a new Disney IP game.
2014: Kieskeurig.nl, a product comparison site. First scaling as a strategy, second project was redesign. Also joined the strategic board.
2013: Architect for startpagina.nl, a web portal with 5M sessions per month, learned about monetization and analytics.

* Technology architect of leef.nl, a Dutch pharmacy website which taught me a lot about growth and scaling.
* Third iteration of unitedstyles ‘DIY clothes’ design website. Outer wear and dresses. Mobile ready, full javascript including 3D previews.

2011: First version of united styles live. A Flash based site for kids clothing.
2009: spilgames, technical due diligence for Chinese games. Also architect for Chinese & Japanese portals.
2010: cofounded unitedstyles, start of sourcing.
2008: ING customer journey flow for first online direct sales port for ING life

Additional Tagwords:
Project Management ⁃ Resource Management ⁃ HR ⁃ Project Planning ⁃ General Management ⁃ E-commerce ⁃ Varnish, Nginx, MySQL, SVG, HTML5 ⁃ QA ⁃ Web Development ⁃ Game development ⁃ AWS ⁃ Aliyun (alibaba cloud servers) ⁃ QA (quality assurance)

Joop ‘욥’ (네덜란드 사람)과 조수나는 (한국 사람) 결혼한. 후 중국 성도에서 살게 되었다.

모바일 비디오-게임 스튜디오의 게임 생산, QA,재무, 인사관련의 책임을 맡고 있는 총관리자 입니다. 팀의 효과적인 관리와 생산 경로의 책임을 지고 있습니다.

욥은 Sanoma에서 일한다(‘사노마’, 핀란드 매체). 욥의 한국 이름은 지훈 이다.대학교를 졸업하자마자 바로 스웨덴에서 경영관리학 석사학위를 받았다.

대학원에서 아내를 만난 후, 한국의 서울 KDI (청량리에 위치) 에서 교환학생 프로그램을 하였고, 그 후 한국 ING생명에서 인턴으로 일했다. 대 학원을 졸업한 후, 중국의 온라인 게임 기업인 ‘스필게임’ (臻龙游戏)에 고용되었다. 2010 년 그는 패션기업의(Unitedstyles.com) 기술 담당 최고 책임자가(CTO) 되었고 베이징에서 개최된 techcrunch 대회에서 본선에 올랐다. 지금 현재 Sanoma 회사에서 디즈니 소속 IT 매니저로 일하고 있다.

이메일: joop@joop.in 또는 트위터: Twitter.com/joop 로 연락 가능하다.



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  1. Cayenne Chin

    Hey there Joop!

    I was trying to learn Korean (due to my discovery of some rap songs) and I happened to chance upon your website. Interestingly, I discovered that you have had some adventures in entrepreneurship as well with your company, United styles. Being a young person intrigued by what I’ve read on your website, I was wondering if I could somehow connect with you on a more personal basis (either through facebook or email) to find out more about your experience, and learn from you? Hope to hear from you!


  2. Maria Teresa

    Ciao, cercando un po su internet ho visto la tua esperienza nel campo della moda e l’apertura di una start up innovativa. Vorrei chiederti alcune informazioni in quanto la tua esperienza potrebbe aiutarmi a capire. Ho un progetto simile, ma vorrei parlare con qualcuno che ha avuto esperienze. Come posso contattarti?
    Maria Teresa Calabrese

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