in 1., The Netherlands

A visit to Holland town, Shanghai

Im currently in holland, well almost. I’m still in Shanghai, visiting the ‘Holland town’. After I read about this place, we’d figured to see it for ourselves today. Holland town is actually one of many ‘international satellite cities’. Shanghai’s city planners are carrying out an ambitious scheme to relieve population pressure: They are resettling 500,000 people in nine new towns in the suburbs. Others include Swedish town, an Italian and an English town. There are plans for more, adding an American, German and a traditional Chinese town to that list. Back to Holland town. The peace and quiet is quite unique for Shanghai. Thinking about it, Holland town is a real estate investment project and a photo scenery at the same time. Many Chinese newly weds probably had their wedding pictures taken in this scenery. Suna and I took a stroll around the area, we started at the church, walked down the mainstreet had a look at some villa’s, and walked back to the windmill. There are a few places for shops, but not all of them are operated. Here’s a question: What does Holland town (CN) have, what real Amsterdam (NL) doesn’t have? ;-)

  1. Excellent photo opportunities for newly weds. – Photo studio’s everwhere, you can even take a picture from a windmill. (We kindly asked and could just walk everywhere. A professional photoshoot cost about 600 dollars)
  2. Smog – Contrast to Amsterdam, this place features a nearby nuclear plant, harbor, factories and the close town of Gao Qiao.
  3. A quiet place – Try sitting in the heart of Amsterdam without getting your bike stolen, harassed by a dog or being annoyed by all the noise. For that matter, more places to relax in Holland town.
  4. Church bell – The church bell sound goes on for twenty minutes straight and it’s a CD, not a actual bell
  5. A mixture of cultures – Holland town mixes Dutch architecture with Chinese habits. Think: Kite flying grandpa’s everywhere, laundry hanging on bamboo from the Dutch houses, Chinese street names and ofcourse little differences like aircon’s hanging on all the buildings.

It’s quite nice actually. We were gonna stay a little while but decided to stay and read a little in front of the church. In front of me is a grandpa with kids playing with a kite, girls studying and some couples in the grass picnicking.

If I haven\’t told you this was China, you would have thought it would be Europe right?

A Dutch windmill in China.

Good old Shanghai Holland town… The high rises being developed in the back of the picture gives away the true location.