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Adidas MBC Hangang Marathon 2009

I haven’t participated in a sport event ever since the Funda run in 2008 – a fun and fulfilling event, but I had no incentive to continue my healthy habits afterwards. I put my running shoes back on later that year, to find out that I would never reach a peak of runners satisfaction again without a goal. Frankly, I am getting out of shape and the Korean life-style isn’t helping either. Soju, Korean Barbeques (고기구이) and a business culture that considers heavy beer consumption BSA, (business as usual) have slowed me down. With deteriorating condition, the occasional visit to the gym have kept me ‘alive’ over the last half year.

While reading about the training sacrifices, detox weeks and running experiences that Marc van der Chijs made for his Hong Kong trailwalker participation, I suddenly got inspired again. I realized that working towards a sport-challenge in an Asian country could be a great experience. So, I decided to face a challenge for myself; today I have decided to join my colleagues in their concession to run half a marathon (21,15 km) at the end of April. Will I be in shape on time? We will see!