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At techcrunch disrupt in Beijing with UnitedStyles

I’m in Beijing at the moment, participating in the Techcrunch Disript conference. We made it to the finals and will compete against the remaining finalists in about four hours from now. As many of you will know, Techcrunch is THE technology blog, they also organize one of the most important Internet Conferences. Until now those were always in San Francisco, later New York, this Beijing edition is the first abroad. We heard about two weeks that we were allowed to compete. We worked really hard to get our site ready for launch from that moment. Our entire Shanghai staff worked until 1pm on a Saturday night. Even the day before our presentation, I worked until dawn to finalize things.

Then woke up early morning to practice our presentation. When we were called on stage at 3pm, we were all very nervous. I had a mixed feeling, one side of me wanted to get it over with, the other wanted to show the world were we had been working on so hard for the last months. After the presentation I immediately found a place to plug my computer to the Internet. I wanted to see the stats (visitors) and see how our servers were coping. When I saw that was under control I networked a little but I was dead tired. Until I heard we made it to the finals! When we subscribed to this event two months ago, I never expected we would be able to participate, let alone make it to the finals. Now we will present again today, so I’ll stop blogging and start practicing.