Quad racing and Hummer driving with Sanoma



Whilst planning the Sanoma tech* outing, I pitched canoeing as a nice outdoor activity. My idea was refuted as soon as we found actionplanet; Offering quad racing and landrover and hummer driving, followed with a nice barbeque! Needless to say, it was an amazing event and I think the entire crew had fun. Hope we can make this an annual event!

* all the developers of websites like nu.nl, startpagina.nl, kieskeurig.nl, autotrader and yours truly with the Disney and tina titles!

Real life Nintendo duckhunt


My uncles treated us on Skeet shooting in the far south of the Netherlands today. At the Eric Swinkels track. Having never shot anything in my life, this was a new experience. A loud bang and some feedback from the shotgun. Not sure if I will do it again but it was an interesting experience!

2014 will go into the books as…


Whoa, the year passed already?! Check 1 min video below for our year together, long riverside summer days, walks and traveling Shanghai and Korea.  All of this, while preparing for Mia arrival in December. At work, a lot of energy went into rewriting the largest comparison website of the Netherlands. Here on the blog, the most popular post was the dramatic sounding “end of my Chinese fashion startup.”

I’ll go and cuddle Mia to sleep. Have a great 2015 y’all! (briefest annual wrap-up yet! 2013, 2012)

Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 22.00.08https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IyxtzaIqi3A


Ran from Amsterdam tot Zaandam with Startpagina.nl



I’ve been avoiding large (marathon) events; why disturb the peace of running by yourself on a random dike in the Netherlands? However, I got invited for a run with the team of startpagina.nl and I couldn’t resist. It was also a great motivation for me to run throughout the summer.

This run from Amsterdam until Zaandam is one of the largest in the Netherlands with almost 90.000 participants.

I used to be very serious about my time; No talking, no sightseeing and straight to the finish. This day I decided to enjoy the experience. High fiving the little kids beside the road. Due to the warm weather, I drank some water at every stop (not something I usually do) and finished within my goal of 1h 30m.

at the start

This was my third event I ran on my five fingers and I realize it’s not so popular in the Netherlands. (people keep asking about them).

Arriving in Zaandam, I took the train back home. Leaving the town, I was pleasantly surprised with it’s center architecture. It looked typical Dutch but with a modern twist.


A long weekend in Limburg


My father in law came over from Korea. A rare occasion so Suna and me wanted to do something special.

Whilst planning his trip, we realised that during his last visit, we had already shown him most of the popular spots we knew. But not the southern provence of Limburg!

After booking a holiday house, we decided to give him a full tour in that area, we visited Maastricht, Aachten (DE), Monschou (DE) and Spa Francorchamps. It was a nice week. Had a chance to run in the area, made barbeque in the yard, played games (go-stop is a Korean card game) and I got some reading done there. Since we were planning to visit Andre Rieu (small video here) we booked tickets on our last night there. People around me think Andre Rieu is a bit corny with his popular waltz music. Actually, I haven’t seen Andre play his instrument that much, but he is such an outstanding character, it really makes the show!
At andre rieu

Sailing in Holland

Joop Dorresteijn sailing

A 14 meter yacht
I was looking forward to this day. It would be all about summer. But instead, I got up in the morning (very early) and it was grey outside, and the rain was falling. I told myself it wouldn’t be bad and drove the 1,5 hr all the way up north to Enkhuizen. By the time I got there, the sun came through and I met the crew of this epic sailing event specialisterren.nl, Although we met in the office before, it was nice to get acquainted with a coffee.

Steady as she goes
We then headed out. The destination: Stavoren (on the opposite of the lake) and I quickly realised sailing isn’t about relaxing and sitting back. It’s hard work to halyard, make hitches and be cautious about what’s happening around you, all this with a lot of wind and rain in your face.

It was good experience to sail with an experienced team. The owner of the boat has a lot of experience, and a third guest was a sailing teacher. As the only firsttimer, I thought we were don’t well and enjoyed our time out there. Until… we hit the seabed with our keel. Yes. We were going a good 7 knots, and suddenly we all felt a small tremble and a flinch in our velocity and looked at each-other, grabbed what we could and a few seconds later, the boat hit the seabed and with a huge slam, and with a bouncing motion, we almost came to a full stop. Turns out we steered right into undeep waters (< 3 meters). We began raising the keel immediately and calmly waited the shallow waters out. In the end the crew inspected the ship, laughed that everything was ok, and we all continued our journey. Turns out the map did warn us of this, we just came in to quickly. An potentially dangerous mistake.

Soon after this, we arrived at the Stavoren harbour and enjoyed a nice meal and shared the story with the second specialisterren boat, who managed to get there quicker than us.

Joop  sailing
This is me posing for the picture. I tried to help as much as I could!

Nice contrast, dutch weather

Suddenly I realised I was worried about the weather for nothing. The typical Dutch skies with a few raindrops here and there actually contributed to the experience. I got to appreciate the landscape and the country a little bit more. Back in the harbour, we reviewed the day and the team was planning to stay the night and head out the next day again. For me it was enough, happy to be back on land I drove back to our home.

Happy New Year! My highlights of 2013



The past year I was able to focus on work but managed to travel a little bit as well.

At Sanoma Performance Based I was involved with the launch of a new site called leef.nl, an online medical store which supports prescriptions for hundreds of pharmacies throughout the Netherlands. Immediately after launch we found that the site wasn’t performing so well, so using technologies like CDN and Redis, we managed to turn this project into a well performing website. During the summer we started a project called Kieskeurig.nl international. In which we took the famous Dutch product comparison concept, rebuild a lot of the architecture and the first international versions, the Polish (Expertcen.pl) and French (expertprix.fr) were launched  in the fall. Next to internationalisation, we also released a mobile friendly version of kieskeurig.nl. I’ve been promoted to an IT manager, a challenging position in a fast growing cluster. At the company, we had a lot of fun activities like go-cart racing and dinners together.

Besides work I did have some time to keep on studying Korean. My goal to talk with my mother in law was achieved, as I was able to have (small) conversations with her in Korean. I still have a long way to go though but the Korean classes are helping.

I’ve ran the 10km run during the Rotterdam marathon and the bruggenloop in Rotterdam.

While traveling, I visited China (trip through memory lane), Korea (slept in traditional house) and Spain (Catalan wedding) so not that much traveling. This year was mostly about working hard, living frugal, meeting family (sister had a son) and meeting friends.

Achieved almost all my new year resolutions, but this years list seems shorter than last, although i’m reloaded to finalise my ideas for the next.

Happy new year and I wish you the best for 2014!

Sanoma christmas party


picture taken by @SigridBu

Over the last few years, Sanoma thew some huge parties for christmas. However, considering the large downscaling the company went through in 2013, a huge party didn’t seem in order. However, there was room for a small party with a DJ. Nevertheless it was a great (and jam-packed) evening! I managed to borrow a google glass v2 from a nu.nl journalist for a while, the first time wearing glass was very interesting. Drank way to much at the party but had great fun.