Favorite podcasts


What do you listen to when travelling? Some like nothing, some prefer to listen to music, others like to listen to talkshows.

I usually like silence but when I do listen, I usually listen to talkshows. This is a typical habit for driving in the car, but with a smartphone, you can download episodes onto your device and listen on demand. When I have the opportunity, I always listen to the following three podcasts, I don’t think I missed a single of them in the last 2 years – there is always a delayed train or a flight that allows me to keep up. I put them here because I’ve listened to all of them for over two years and I want to support their work:


In terms of quality, radiolab is one of the best out there, they can make you quiet and wonder, sucking you into the most bizarre stories from the most profound people. I bet there goes a lot of research in every show. There are a lot of them and I’d recommend listening to them all![iTunes link]

Planet Money

I started listening to planet Money just after the financial crisis in 2008. It’s an economics podcast, offering surprising angles to day to day news and easy intro metaphors to sometimes difficult financial topics. [iTunes link]

Stuff You Should Know

Stuff you should know is a popular podcast from a less popular website. Chuck and Josh basically do a show-and-tell of a completely random subject every week. They are no experts (and it shows) but the show brings a lot of trivia to you. Great listen when tired. [iTunes link]

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