in Republic of Korea

Flight cancelled due to typhoon Bolaven

20120828-130531.jpgWe would fly out to Shanghai from Seoul yesterday but our flight got cancelled due to a typhoon. While the typhoon positioned itself between Korea and China, Shanghai airlines cancelled all flights for the day. Surprisingly Asiana and Korean Air still had flights Leaving at 4pm. Luckily we can stay with family in Seoul and ride the storm out comfortably. Right now Korea is preparing for what the news is saying to be the strongest storm in a decade. It was cat 3 earlier but slowing down to a tropical storm. Strong winds takes grasp of the lighter objects in the street already and the power went off briefly just now. The height of the storm is expected in four hours. We’re keeping a close eye to typhoon path projections and rebooked our flight for what we think is the earliest possible return, tomorrow afternoon. The extra days in Korea have no repercussions for us yet but the extreme weather also played a part in the beginning of our trip, as a previous typhoon Haikui hit China just before Suna would fly here in the first place. I hope damage will be limited for people in the region. Perhaps some invention like this could prevent all this.