in The Netherlands

Ice Skating Madness at FlevOnIce in The Netherlands

Ice Skating with the familyI’m back in the Netherlands for a short business trip and it’s very cold outside. Sadly, it’s not cold enough to ice-skate on the lakes and rivers yet. Ice-skating is a favorite sport in the Netherlands. Not only are we proud of our famous ice skaters, when there’s a cold winter all Dutch people will go crazy to go ice-skating. During a really cold winter, everyone looks forward to the Elfstedentocht; (11 city marathon race of almost 200 km) that is, if it takes place. I’m a member of the Elfstedentocht union, hoping to skate the Elfsteden tocht some day, but due to global warming, there might never be one again. Due to this heat, many Dutch people travel to cold, cold Austria for the “200 km alternative elfstedentocht” at the white lake/Weissensee with the mountains. But since last year, Dutch people don’t have to drive for eleven hours to have an authentic ice skating experience. Henk Ketelaar, a 66 year old entrepreneur founded a unique five kilometers long natural ice ring, Flevonice Biddinghuizen is still artificial ice, but it’s very close to the real deal. To celebrate a succesful (busy) week, with my American colleges Richard Yu and Lily Tidrow, we’ve met with my parents for some ice skating on this particular track. I’ve seen many artificial tracks, but this track was just something else. It was just 1°C (38°F) degree outside, and with the cold wind and sunny background. For lunch we had hot chocolate and Dutch Pea Soup.