in Republic of Korea

What do you get when you combine a cinema, pool and cheap hotel?

We visited a jjimjilbang in Busan last night; The jjimjilbang concept comes close to a bath-house, it is a combination of sauna, hotel and gym. I just spend a night there for $10, and I am excited, what an experience! I slept on the marble floor but had a massage in return!

Imagine a 24 hour serviced building with cinema room, hot baths, sauna, bars, restaurants and pc/tv rooms. You walk around in comfortable clothes supplied by the staff. Very relaxing athmosphere.  Woman and men are separated, except for activity rooms.

Why would you go here? I guess this concept is an answer to the busy life most people have here. The jjimjilbang is a place for people to come together, rather then sitting in a small 30th floor appartment. A feeling of space and luxury in a world were space is limited. Visitors vary from drunken business men (drinking is a burden obliged by boss for many) and families that gather in the weekend. I wonder if something like this would work in Europe.