[Mac] Export all your iPhoto events to folders


I’m using a mac for over a decade and thus moved my photos into iPhoto almost automatically. But, I never really that program. It’s slow. Last week I decided that I wanted to get out. That was easier than I thought:

Download phoshare here.

And just run the program. You can select the folder to export to. According to the developer, Phoshare preserves both the original and modified image, and I was able to export using a *year*-*month*-*day*-*title* -format, which I really like! I’ve counted the photo’s inside the library and inside the folder, just for verification. I’m now iPhoto free!

Screen Shot 2013-11-03 at 23.46.39


2 thoughts on “[Mac] Export all your iPhoto events to folders

  1. Calvin

    Thanks so much for posting this. I’m trying this now. How do select the folder to export to? Does that option come after export is done?

  2. Calvin

    Never mind, I found the answer–the ‘files’ button. Otherwise by default it exports to the picture folder (I found out the hard way because my disc filled up).

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