No Facebook for a Week.


According to Forbes, Apple is for old people and Facebook seems to be trading teens for parents these days as New Zealand teens are leaving at the same rate as their parents are joining.

Perhaps due to the recent demise of Apple & Facebook coolness, even I realized that for too long have I wasted staring into my iPhone AKA hypnophone. Last Sunday I had a sudden revelation: “I’ll go offline for a week!” And I logged out.

At first, I kept wanting to login to get my quick-fix but soon I completely forgot about it. And now it’s Sunday again, I logged back in and can report to you that I indeed didn’t miss an awful lot, both on my Facebook and Twitter account. Then again, a week isn’t that much but it’s a start.

Did I really not miss anything? Well, yes I did. Some had stuff stolen, some went to parties and others put baby photo’s up. But more important: someone had sent me some instructions during the week for an event that I attended yesterday, where I went to unprepared. She said: “Didn’t you check my facebook message?” Oops, no I didn’t.

On the upside, I actually talked to people and finished reading a long due book. Think I’ll try this for another week. But who knows, perhaps in a few weeks I’ll be back on these networks like before. What’s the next cool thing?

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