in People's Republic of China

Rafting in Qiandao

20120617-084623 PM.jpg

Suna and I went to Qiandao (1000 islands lake) with a group of expats this weekend. It turned out to be more legendary than we expected, a group of people organize this trip annually, this year it’s 5th year in the running.

Afterwards we ate BBQ on the lakeside

After a 5 hour bus drive from Shanghai we arrived at the hotel, merely a checkpoint to drop off the bags and head back to the bus to continue the journey upwards to the mountain. When arrived, we had to wear life jackets and a construction helmet (which turned out great for scooping water out of the boat), and off the shore we went. The start was actually a raging torrent of water, after some time we got the hang of it, and even could enjoy a tiger beer along the way. When we came back down, the 2 hr float trip was finished (long enough, water everywhere) and we headed back to the hotel for a great American barbecue.

Arrived at departure point

The Chinese staff aren’t used to so many foreigners staying over (and being so loud) so their son and friends got curious. Before we knew it, they joined the party and brought some drinks for everyone to enjoy. it was a lot of traveling for just a short time in the boat. However, all and all it was great, also to meet some new people.