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Shanghai: Guyi garden and tea city

On the way back to Shanghai, at 20km distance, the new Shanghai Tower was already visible

On the way back to Shanghai, the new Shanghai Tower was already visible

Did Shanghai Change over the last year? – To celebrate my exact one year return to Holland I decided to go to Shanghai and see what had changed over there. Upon arrival (Again, our KLM flight didn’t dock at Pudong) I decided to take the bus to the city. A lot of people ask me if I think the city changed during the last year. I met quite a few expats that were let go over the last year or had trouble keeping their jobs. I also noticed more south Europeans trying their luck in this euphoric city. Construction is still going on, with expanding highways, railways and many new malls opening. On a side note, travelling outside the city, including Sheshan, I still noticed those huge apartment blocks are still largely vacant. The restaurant prices had risen over the year, some over 30%. Contrary of what I read online, I noticed most (rich) Chinese still carry iPhones. Xiaomi is gaining popularity. Anyway, I was here as a tourist so I wanted to share a two destinations with you:

Guyi King lotus

Guyi garden 古猗园 – A Shanghai friend offered to take me to one of his favourite gardens. Together we drove to Nanxiang, just out of town. Guyi garden, over 500 years ol seemed a lot less busy and was quite big. Enjoy the serenity of the garden and have a seat. You will notice all the little details of the garden. Very neat. We left and ate some xiaolongbao just outside the garden. The garden is located in Nanxiang town, about 20km outside Shanghai. Here is a wiki page with information: Guyi garden.

Tianshan tea city entrance

Tianshan tea city entrance

Tianshan Tea city – Another great destination is the tea city at Zhongshan lu in Shanghai. While we were living in Shanghai, we got used to drinking loose leaf tea.  My wife used to buy all our tea at a particular shop inside this tea city. We were almost running out. Visiting our regular shop resulted in a hour long tea sampling session.