What can you leave to your descendant?

I visited a Korean art expo on Saturday the 23rd, and met a fascinating artist named Hae do Park. He dedicated his life to learn a new skill, and aims to inspire younger artists with his work. The combination of using silver and his apply his technique create objects that almost seem real. The bird on the picture is so detailed and beautiful that it just attracted me, like most shiny objects do. Actually, the bird should attract anyone, since it took the creator more then a year to make, and it’s claimed to be worth a million dollars. He is out for a mission to create a grand piece to get interest in Korean traditions from the youth.

Motivated to inspire the youth

Someone told me that people find creativity in different situations. For him I guess its based on his life long experience as a smith. The artist asked himself what he could leave to his descendant, and noticed that the Korean society is slowly changing their preference to western jewels. In his quest he saw an opportunity. He looked at the old techniques used in traditional woman hangers, and based his technique on it. He currently creates the sculptures with scaring precise work. He learned a new skill, and applied it to a new idea. His noble cause is to use the technique to create eye-catchers like this bird. His believe is that small jewelry can’t get the attention of young artists. He is currently working on his masterpiece — a big phoenix (3 legged bird), that he isn’t going to sell. He might show it on the exhibition that he plans in five years from now.